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Aims of the Gbiota Club

 In the last thirty years there has been a dramatic reduction in peoples health with a global epidemic of chronic diseases with people becoming fat and sick from poor food - high in toxins and lacking in nutrients.

The aim of the Gbiota Club is to grow food which makes people healthy - to be widely available at a price they can afford.

We are trying to do much more than develop an improved way of growing healthy food, we have already achieved this with the Gbiota beds (developed from Wicking Beds), which technically are highly successful being productive - growing high quality food which enhances health particularly the critical gut biology (Gbiota).

But we want to make this widely available and accessible to anyone concerned about their health.

We are really trying to create an alternative food system where people can grow or buy food which is nutrient rich and free of toxic chemicals directly from the grower with a high level of trust that the food is genuinely healthy and not just someclever marketing.

It is neither a charity or a business but a community project which will succeed or fail depending whether individual people believe in what we are trying to do and participate.

This document explains the technical and economic principles which will provide healthy food to the community. You are invited to study the plan, decide if you are willing to participate and at the very least circulate to your friends and contacts who may be willing to participate.

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Technical information

If you are looking for technical information on Wicking or Gbiota beds I suggest you go straight to the library

You can see more review articles here review articles

Please read, and feel free to contact me at colinaustin@bigpond.com or distribute the The Club.pdf

Colin Austin



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