Wicking beds

This site has been focused on Wicking Beds providing an overview of the various types of bed.

However the development of the external water reservoir working on a flood and drain system powered by a solar panel has made the traditional wicking bed almost obsolete apart from very small beds.

The flushing action means their is no danger of the water going putrid as can happen in a conventional wicking bed while using a compost tea increases the biological activity which can have a profound influence on human gut biology which is critical for long term health.

These are refered to as Gbiota beds because of the beneficial affect on Gut Biology.
The origina review is still available here.

Gbiota beds are clearly a superior technology. This has led to the health from food project which is described in various YouTube videos, on sister web site www.waterright.com.au and will shortly be further described in the forthcoming web www.pickandeat.shop.

For further information you can email me a colinaustin@bigpond.com